MAC Congratulates Holly Onorato, Elizabeth Bartlett, Charlotte Carey, and Mary Lu Buie on Becoming Ordained Ministerial Counselors

Los Angeles, California – Miracle Activation Center would like to congratulate two founding team members and two new members on their accomplishment of becoming Ordained Ministerial Counselors. Holly Onorato and Elizabeth Bartlett – founding members – and Charlotte Carey and Mary Lu Buie have dedicated so much of their lives to helping others and now can officially work towards guiding others into paths of love, peace, and light.

Miracle Activation Center is a spiritual health and wellness center for all ages focusing on the concept of recovery, reclaiming, and rebuilding. Through our healing models, we provide counseling, Ordained Ministerial counseling, self-study and guided courses, and the performance of spiritual ceremonies. Our guidance helps those in recovery, and the friends and families of those in recovery, create a safe space to communicate through transformative counseling.

A skilled life, health, and spiritual coach, Holly Onorato can now add Ordained Ministerial Counselor to her list. She works closely with clients to help them reclaim their power and innate wisdom.

A life-long learner, gardener, spiritual seeker, Reiki practitioner, and beginning yoga practitioner, Elizabeth Bartlett is now an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, as well. “I am so proud and honored to be a Pathways of Light minister,” says Bartlett. “This experience has changed my life. Finding the Miracle Activation Center is a perfect next step for me to be involved with an organization where I can help people and continue to grow myself.”

Mary Lu Buie is a minister, facilitator, and counselor of Pathways of Light courses and groups, as well as Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sessions. She has also worked with the 12 Step Program for Adult Children of Alcoholics, and it is her desire to be truly helpful. “I enjoy being an Ordained Ministerial Counselor at the Miracle Activation Center, because it is a space where we can heal together,” says Buie. This is her calling and she considers it her life’s work.

Rev. Charlotte Carey has been very interested in spiritual development since childhood. She found A Course in Miracles in 2005 and has been a dedicated student since then. “A Course in Miracles has been life changing for me,” she says. “I am on my path to awakening and want to help others to awaken to their True Reality.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit their website, call 909-453-3953, or contact with any questions or concerns.

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