Things I Gained During the Pandemic

Sure, it’s easy to look back on the last year with mixed feelings, many of them less than “heavenly” and we ALL know what it feels like to miss someone right now. Not everyone has made it out alive. We have all suffered loss, or know someone who has, either physically, mentally or spiritually. Not to mention watching businesses close and seeing distance building within families, sometimes not even being able to hug each other, only to wave from a distance. And boy, can the walls close in (sometimes) and our monkey minds explode, running rampant and comparing/despairing, judging, hating and dividing (especially in this year’s presidential election). It seems that this all happens, while watching the walls close in. To say it has affected us all, very deeply on some level, would be an understatement – one that will continue to unravel for quite some time to come.

Yet, we have to find the light. That being said, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, here are some things I am thankful for:

Healing Mother Earth and deeper personal connections, either friends, family OR SELF.

Appreciating the bare minimum by making due with what you have: Eating the food in the cabinets, doing without some beauty routines, gym memberships (walking instead, as we see people are doing with bikes sold out everywhere).

Revisiting the ‘old’ – trying new recipes, reading the books on your shelf, dusting off the board games, home yoga practice, and/or reinventing your spirituality.

Cleaner, tidier living spaces, less clutter, ability to complete projects, sticking with journaling routine.

Pet adoptions double the normal rates!

Broader knowledge/understanding of self – Thank you ZOOM! In addition to twice-weekly ACIM calls, I’ve added a weekly one-hour breathing class, which I love! Home meditation practice on point.

Deeper connections, networking opportunities, free webinars, meetings for those in recovery and so much more. This really shows us how seamlessly we can work together and virtually.

Slowing down! Raise your hand if you were totally burning out precovid. It’s not always easy managing all that we stack on our plate daily, parental duties, household chores, work (often juggling more than one gig), AND squeezing in time for self-care (without losing your mind?). Good luck.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, and every day, it is really important to reflect on all that we truly have to be grateful for. It’s how we flip the switch, allowing ourselves the gift of surrender to all that is out of our control. In doing so we allow the “shift” into our higher selves and are more able to recognize the good in others, as we feel it from within. 

If you have been struggling through this pandemic, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we are here to help you and support you.

Schedule a consultation with one of our life coaches or spiritual coaches here:

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