Why We Need to Keep Our Vibration High and Not Go into Fear

“The covid virus has a vibration of 5.5 Hz and dies above 25.5 Hz. For humans with a higher vibration, the virus infection is a minor irritant that will soon go away.

The reasons for having a low vibration could be: Fear, Fatigue, Stress   Shame, Guilt, Nervous tension, Anger, Hate, Holding on to grudges, Lack of forgiveness, Resentment, and Judgement.

And so……we have to vibrate HIGH so that frequency does not lower our immune system. The frequency of our Planet Earth today is 27.4 Hz. But there are places that vibrate very low like: Jails, Underground bunkers and tunnels, Hospitals, Detention centers, Hospice/nursing homes, and Bureaucratic buildings.

In such places the vibration drops to 20 Hz, or less. For humans with low vibration, the virus becomes dangerous.

Vibrations in Hertz Frequency:

Pain 0.1 to 2 Hz.

Fear 0.2 to 2.2 Hz.

Irritation 0.9 to 6.8 Hz.

Noise 0.6 to 2.2 Hz.

Pride 0.8 Hz.

Superiority 1.9 Hz.

A higher vibration on the other hand:

Loving Kindness 528 Hz

Gratitude 432 Hz

Compassion 528 Hz or more.

Love and compassion for all living beings 528 Hz and more.

Joy 540 hz

Peace 600Hz

Enlightenment 700+

What helps us vibrate high? Loving, Smiling, Being grateful and thanking, Blessing, Laughter, Being in nature, Praying, Painting, Playing with children, Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Yoga, Tai Chi, Walking and hiking in forests, Being in the sun, Sun-gazing (sunrise and sunset), Exercising, Connecting with animals, Friends and family, Eating whole foods and super-foods, Gardening, Drinking clean pure water, Bathing in the ocean, lakes and rivers, and Deep breathing.

All of these things help us vibrate HIGH and enjoy life.

The original source of this information is from the book Power Vs Force by the brilliant Dr David R Hawkins.

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